[Chapel Merge] Make `chplcheck` available from `chpl-language-server`

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Revision: 11ff993615d92206928ac9b2580fe3e7612ebcfc
Author: jabraham17
Link: Make `chplcheck` available from `chpl-language-server` by jabraham17 · Pull Request #25214 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
Log Message:
Make chplcheck available from chpl-language-server (#25214)

This makes it possible for chpl-language-server to supply linting
diagnostics, without users needing to use chplcheck directly.

Although using chplcheck standalone is the preferred config, some
editors only allow one language server per language (like emacs). So
this provides a workaround for those editors.

This PR also adds some limited chplcheck integration testing with

[Reviewed by @DanilaFe and @lydia-duncan]

Compare: Comparing bd65c6dc3993127df1c35ca16033fabe05ee9c1c...29a473b6c5202a214442b85a6304bb755a7a37d0 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub

M doc/rst/tools/chpl-language-server/chpl-language-server.rst
M doc/rst/tools/chplcheck/chplcheck.rst
M tools/chpl-language-server/src/chpl-language-server.py
A tools/chpl-language-server/test/linting.py
M tools/chplcheck/src/chplcheck.py
A tools/chplcheck/src/config.py
M tools/chplcheck/src/driver.py
M tools/chplcheck/src/lsp.py