[Chapel Merge] Issue an error when a DR domain/array is following

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Merge pull request #17947 from bradcray/fix-easy-dr-zip-mismatches

Issue an error when a DR domain/array is following a larger leader

[reviewed by @vasslitvinov and @stonea]

Nikhil shared a case on chat this week where—to my surprise—we weren't
generating OOB errors for having a DR array get indexed out of bounds
when it was following a larger leader array. This is something that
we used to catch, but no longer seem to. Here, I'm adding a check to
the DR domain follower code to catch such cases and a new test to lock
the check in.

Note that this doesn't address the longstanding error in which a leader
iterator expression is smaller than its follower (i.e., my most dreaded
Chapel bug (TM): zippered forall loops with size mismatches can silently drop iterations on the floor · Issue #11428 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub).

Modified Files:
A test/parallel/forall/zip/zipArrMismatch.chpl

A test/parallel/forall/zip/zipArrMismatch.good
A test/parallel/forall/zip/zipDomMismatch.chpl
A test/parallel/forall/zip/zipDomMismatch.good
M modules/internal/DefaultRectangular.chpl

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