[Chapel Merge] Improve PMI out-of-band selection on CS and simila

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Author: gbtitus
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Merge pull request #16839 from gbtitus/comm-ofi-pmix-wo-module

Improve PMI out-of-band selection on CS and similar systems.

(Co-developed and reviewed by @ronawho.)

On systems with a Slurm that supports the PMIx server side interface,
and a pmix module for the client-side library, we’ve been able to use
the PMI2-based comm=ofi out-of-band support with PMIx for quite a while.
But wider experience with the CS systems where we first encountered this
configuration indicates there may be other options: Slurm itself may
supply both the client- and server-side PMI2 support. Or, there may be
a PMIx client-side library available even if there is no module for it.
Here, adjust the testing setup script for comm=ofi to take advantage of
both of those cases, and adjust the ordering so that we check for Slurm
supplying PMI2 first, then PMIx with or without a module.

Modified Files:
M util/cron/common-ofi.bash

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