[Chapel Merge] Improve domain transformation docs

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Author: ghbrown
Link: Improve domain transformation docs by ghbrown · Pull Request #25188 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
Log Message:
Improve domain transformation docs (#25188)

Various improvements:

  • include outputs as comments to show behavior at a glance
  • slightly more information about what some inputs mean
  • require fewer examples by using positive and negative inputs
    in the same example
  • more non-trivial inputs (not just +/-1)

Inspired by a recent experience getting confused about how some of these
functions worked after reading the docs. The docs weren't incorrect before,
but I think this version is much clearer and more useful at a glance.

developed by: @ghbrown -- thank you!
review and merge: @vasslitvinov

Compare: Comparing 6496bea150d2a9c294f0a14735b623b4b94d479b...95383bcd4a3f1300deaf8e51a14cf1bdf0d02f20 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub

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