[Chapel Merge] Fixes to `nightly`'s emails from bash

Branch: refs/heads/main
Revision: ea97a3f646d5d8516782f40d9064830dfdbd7769
Author: DanilaFe
Link: Fixes to `nightly`'s emails from bash by DanilaFe · Pull Request #25218 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
Log Message:
Fixes to nightly's emails from bash (#25218)

There was some cross-contamination of emails caused by multiple
configuratiobs using mysystem-.txt instead of mysystem-config1.txt
vs mysystem-config2.txt. I've also found places where my calls to
mysystem were not properly adjusted for the new convention, and fixed

Reviewed by @tzinsky -- thanks!


  • ran nightly in debug mode

Compare: Comparing 09ad1a621a00c49f546f08e3c3c1980c860b901f...a94bdad7ae53ff38aaa85ff0969a5c55b2676e52 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub

M util/cron/nightly