[Chapel Merge] Fix tests due to PR merges

Branch: refs/heads/main
Revision: 146cbbd
Author: bradcray
Link: Fix tests due to PR merges by bradcray · Pull Request #19267 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
Log Message:

Merge pull request #19267 from bradcray/fix-misc-tests

Fix tests due to PR merges

[trivial, not reviewed]

This fixes some tests that fell prey to my PRs from today, which
conflicted with one another and some other things that had gone
in since they were opened:

  • revert submitted pidigits3 to use SysCTypes to continue to match
    what's live on the site

  • update/add .good files for submitted pididits3 and 4 to reflect
    SysCTypes deprecation message

  • update .good files to reflect different numbers of candidates now

    Modified Files:
    A test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits3-syscwarn.good
    A test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits4-27-nospace.good
    A test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits4-syscwarn.good
    M test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits-27.good
    M test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits3.chpl
    M test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits3.execopts
    M test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits4.execopts
    M test/types/chplhashtable/noHashForRecordWithEq.good
    M test/types/chplhashtable/noHashForRecordWithEq2.good
    M test/types/chplhashtable/recordOfNonHashRecord.good

    Compare: Comparing dc0e18b9ae5c...146cbbd41a34 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub