[Chapel Merge] Fix pcTest to generate .good files

Branch: refs/heads/main
Revision: e019f15
Author: mppf
Log Message:

Merge pull request #18525 from mppf/fix-pctest

Fix pcTest to generate .good files

This PR resolves problems with the pcTest.

It takes the approach suggested in #18153 of having the test create the
.good files rather than pattern match to remove elements. To do that, it
creates a PREDIFF that generates the .good files, and adds these files to
.gitignore and CLEANFILES.

While there, it removes an openssl.lock that was inadvertently committed
in #18427.

Future work: Update mason/toml printer to sort by keys (so the output of
mason tests does not need to change if the key order changes as it did
with PR #18427)

Modified Files:
A test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/.gitignore

A test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/CLEANFILES
A test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/COMPOPTS
A test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/PRECOMP
A test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/openssl.chpl
A test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/pcTest.notest
A test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/zlib.chpl
R test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/openssl.good
R test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/openssl.lock
R test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/pcTest.compopts
R test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/pcTest.execopts
R test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/pcTest.prediff
R test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/pcTest.skipif
R test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/zlib.good
M test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/SKIPIF
M test/mason/pkgconfig-tests/pcTest.chpl

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/9744b67ea12d...e019f157ce2e