[Chapel Merge] Fix a few problems that come up on FreeBSD 12.2

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Revision: acc2a62
Author: mppf
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Merge pull request #18820 from mppf/fix-freebsd-12.2-problems

Fix a few problems that come up on FreeBSD 12.2

For #18816

When using the system-installed LLVM 11 (from pkg install llvm11).

  • even when using CHPL_LLVM=system, make sure to respect an override of
  • check for llvm-config11 which is the way FreeBSD names this program
  • don't add the --gcc-toolchain argument on OSes that default to a
    clang-based compiler since it is not needed there and can create a

Additionally, this PR removes Makefile.freebsd which was added in #4629.
That file is causing it to find a system-installed RE2 rather than the
bundled one which is leading to failures to link in the field. The
problem is that /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib are searched before
the paths to elements of our runtime.

FreeBSD compilers don't automatically search /usr/local/ even though that
is by default where packages are installed.

This commit removes that change from #4629 which means that some libcurl
applications will no longer compile on FreeBSD (unless the user adds
-I/usr/local/include -L /usr/local/lib). However, the better solution
for that (and other similar dependencies) is to use mason / pkg-config to
figure out what paths are needed (#10713). Additionally we need to make
sure that any bundled paths occur before any system-wide paths in the
compile line (#18840).

Related future work:

  • [x] full local testing

Reviewed by @ronawho - thanks!

Modified Files:
R make/platform/Makefile.freebsd

M util/chplenv/chpl_llvm.py

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/8e88f3cc52d7...acc2a62d0446