[Chapel Merge] Extend the title of the section on generic compile

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Merge pull request #19521 from lydia-duncan/renameSection

Extend the title of the section on generic compiler generated initializers
[reviewed by @mppf]

Prior to this change, the title was indistinguishable from that for concrete
compiler-generated initializers. This was a problem when both links were
side-by-side, as is the case in the first paragraph of the concrete
compiler-generated initializer section, making it look like it linked to itself.

With this change, the section is now distinguishable.

This impacts a total of six links to that section. Since the references all
indicate that the generic compiler-generated initializer is desired, I think it
is fine for their reference to be updated

Modified Files:
M doc/rst/language/spec/generics.rst

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/d8262be7a132...af659d6f8515