[Chapel Merge] dyno: add initial support for type queries

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Revision: 19616fd
Author: mppf
Link: dyno: add initial support for type queries by mppf · Pull Request #19248 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
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Merge pull request #19248 from mppf/dyno-type-queries

dyno: add initial support for type queries

Resolves https://github.com/Cray/chapel-private/issues/3054

This PR adds support in the dyno resolver for type queries. Here are some
examples that are now working and tested:

proc a(arg: ?) { }
proc b(arg: ?t) { ... use t ... }
proc c(arg: GenericRecord(?)) { }
proc d(arg: GenericRecord(?t)) { ... use t ... }
proc e(arg: GenericRecord(OtherGenericRecord(?t))) { ... use t ... }

Implementation Details:

  • adjusts CompositeType::isInstantiationOf to consider if the
    substitutions are instantiations of each other. This supports cases
    where a substitution is a generic type (e.g. AnyType or integral).
    This involved calling canPass so the Context is now an argument
    for isInstantiationOf.
  • changes TypeQuery to be a NamedDecl because the TypeQuery ?t is
    introducing a name (t) that can be referred to (e.g. var x: t)
    into the function's scope.
  • adjusts struct Resolver to
    • keep a stack of declarations currently being resolved
    • include helper code to resolve the types of TypeQuery uAST nodes
      based on the type of the formal; this includes going in to FnCalls
      to pull out the matching parts of the type (cases d and e above)
    • handle f(arg:?) - note that ? is considered an Identifier rather
      than a TypeQuery
    • process TypeQuery nodes by finding the parent Formal node and
      running the helper code mentioned above to compute the TypeQuery
      types from the Formal type
    • forget Param values if the QualifiedType is not param (for e.g.
      f(1) passed to proc f(arg))
    • process Dot uAST nodes to implement arg.type
  • while debugging during development, I noted several redundant calls to
    resolve the same thing. These were coming from typedSignatureInitial
    so I changed it in to a query so that it only runs once for a given
    function. That is important as it would otherwise run every time a
    function is considered as a candidate.
  • I also noticed that instantiateSignature was visiting function bodies
    and then discarding the result, so I changed it to focus only on
    formals and where clause.
  • adjusted returnTypeForTypeCtorQuery to leave out substitutions for
    AnyType unless they are for a field with an initializer
  • Added a CallInfo constructor that creates an untyped CallInfo from a
  • Adjusted GatherQueryDecls for scope resolution to gather TypeQuery
    decls into the same scope as the function formals

Future Work:

  • add support for type queries with array or tuple syntax

Reviewed by @dlongnecke-cray - thanks!

Modified Files:
A compiler/dyno/test/resolution/testTypeQueries.cpp

M compiler/dyno/include/chpl/resolution/resolution-queries.h
M compiler/dyno/include/chpl/resolution/resolution-types.h
M compiler/dyno/include/chpl/resolution/scope-types.h
M compiler/dyno/include/chpl/types/CompositeType.h
M compiler/dyno/include/chpl/uast/TypeQuery.h
M compiler/dyno/lib/resolution/can-pass.cpp
M compiler/dyno/lib/resolution/resolution-queries.cpp
M compiler/dyno/lib/resolution/resolution-types.cpp
M compiler/dyno/lib/resolution/scope-queries.cpp
M compiler/dyno/lib/types/CompositeType.cpp
M compiler/dyno/test/resolution/CMakeLists.txt
M compiler/dyno/test/resolution/testInteractive.cpp

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/195c457849f9...19616fd119b5