[Chapel Merge] Do not run SSCA2 benchmark when CHPL_LOCALE_MODEL=

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Author: stonea
Link: Do not run SSCA2 benchmark when CHPL_LOCALE_MODEL=numa by stonea · Pull Request #18854 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
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Merge pull request #18854 from stonea/suppress_ssca2_numa

Do not run SSCA2 benchmark when CHPL_LOCALE_MODEL=numa

This PR addresses the following test failure:


Which was introduced after merging this PR:


Specifically we're getting a failure on the SSCA2 performance benchmark when CHPL_LOCALE_MODEL=numa, but the failure doesn't look performance related. Rather we're missing some of the output we see in the .good file and we see the presence of this error message:

SSCA2_Modules/SSCA2_kernels.chpl:255: error: halt reached - internal error: dsiReallocate() can only be called from an array's home locale

Given that the NUMA work is still in the experimental stage I think its fine to suppress this test for the time being and spawn a new Github issue with the intent that if\when there's a time we're serious about improving support for the NUMA locale model we can come back and investigate this.

[Reviewed by @e-kayrakli]

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A test/release/examples/benchmarks/ssca2/SSCA2_main.suppressif

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