[Chapel Merge] Disable cache remote for some comm count tests

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Revision: 1b21452
Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #16997 from ronawho/comm-counts-cache-remote

Disable cache remote for some comm count tests

[reviewed by @mppf]

Remove some outdated comm count tests and throw --no-cache-remote to
some others in preparation for cache remote being enabled by default:

Remove performance/hilde/coforallOnByRef. This test was intended to
track some old reference counting comms, but they don’t occur any more,
so instead of updating the test for new --cache-remote values just
remove it.

Use --no-cache-remote for some basic atomic, sync, and barrier tests.
These tests are trying to track how much communication is in the
implementation of these primitives and not really a performance test.

Disable remote cache for init comm count tests. The purpose of this test
is to make sure we don’t accidentally introduce a bunch of communication
in the module initialization. We don’t want to hide that if we do by
having the cache enabled.

Remove hpl comm diags test. This is not a test we care about deeply
anymore, and it’s notested currently, so just remove it. Use
--no-cache-remote for other HPCC comm count tests. Longer term we want
to convert these into performance graphs, but for now just disable the
cache to stabilize results – Cray/chapel-private#826

Modified Files:
A test/parallel/taskPar/sungeun/barrier/commDiags.compopts
R test/performance/hilde/SKIPIF
R test/performance/hilde/coforallOnByRef.chpl
R test/performance/hilde/coforallOnByRef.good
R test/performance/hilde/coforallOnByRef.numlocales
R test/performance/hilde/coforallOnByRef.skipif
R test/studies/hpcc/CommDiags/hpl_commDiags.chpl
R test/studies/hpcc/CommDiags/hpl_commDiags.compopts
R test/studies/hpcc/CommDiags/hpl_commDiags.execopts
R test/studies/hpcc/CommDiags/hpl_commDiags.notest
M test/modules/sungeun/init/printInitCommCounts.compopts
M test/performance/sungeun/multilocale/COMPOPTS
M test/studies/hpcc/CommDiags/CLEANFILES
M test/studies/hpcc/CommDiags/COMPOPTS

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