[Chapel Merge] Convert memleaks nightly script into a correctness

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Revision: 983c186
Author: e-kayrakli
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Merge pull request #17528 from e-kayrakli/leak-as-correctness

Convert memleaks nightly script into a correctness test on memory leaks

This PR makes memory leaks correctness tests in the nightly testing.

The changes are made in two steps:

  • Adjust paratest.server and paratest.client so that they can use
    -memleaks and -memleakslog flags independently

  • Throw -memleaks in test-memleaks.bash

NOTE: This PR does not adjust test/memory/ferguson/test1.chpl to filter out
the memory leak. I am planning to merge this and use that test as the
in-production test for this PR before I fix it.

PR that'll adjust that test: Add prediff for the leaky test by e-kayrakli · Pull Request #17529 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub

[Reviewed by @ronawho]


  • [x] paratest.chapcs on test/memory works as expected

    When I analyzeMemLeaksLog on the generated file, I see the leaky test while
    it is also being reported as an error

  • [x] full standard paratest

    Modified Files:
    M util/cron/test-memleaks.bash
    M util/test/paratest.client
    M util/test/paratest.server

    Compare: Comparing 83530f4e6d8f...983c1866d9ee · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub