[Chapel Merge] compiler/next: move mystrerror to a C file

Branch: refs/heads/master
Revision: 69d5d1a
Author: mppf
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Merge pull request #17844 from mppf/mysterror-fix

compiler/next: move mystrerror to a C file

This is to resolve errors with make on CentOS 7. The POSIX #define
does not seem to work within C++ on that system. We get errors along the
lines of:

/usr/local/include/.../c++locale.h:52:23: error: ‘uselocale’ was not declared in this scope
   extern "C" __typeof(uselocale) __uselocale;

However we don't really need to use the feature macros in a C++ file - we
can instead have a C file that wraps the call to strerror_r to make
sure to get the posix version and then call that in our C++ code. That is
what this PR does and it resolves the issue on CentOS 7.

While there:

  • moved the other C file in compiler/next, my_aligned_alloc.c, to the
    util directory
  • removed bswap.h and sys_basic.h since these are no longer needed
    (they were used for an endianness check but PR #17648 addressed it in
    a different way).
  • renamed files.cpp/files.h to filesystem.cpp/filesystem.h to avoid
    having 2 files with the same name.

Reviewed by @dlongnecke-cray - thanks!

  • [x] full local testing

    Modified Files:
    A compiler/next/lib/util/filesystem.cpp
    A compiler/next/lib/util/filesystem.h
    A compiler/next/lib/util/my_aligned_alloc.c
    A compiler/next/lib/util/my_aligned_alloc.h
    A compiler/next/lib/util/my_strerror_r.c
    A compiler/next/lib/util/my_strerror_r.h
    R compiler/next/lib/queries/my_aligned_alloc.c
    R compiler/next/lib/queries/my_aligned_alloc.h
    R compiler/next/lib/util/bswap.h
    R compiler/next/lib/util/files.cpp
    R compiler/next/lib/util/files.h
    R compiler/next/lib/util/mystrerror.cpp
    R compiler/next/lib/util/mystrerror.h
    R compiler/next/lib/util/sys_basic.h
    M compiler/next/lib/frontend/Parser.cpp
    M compiler/next/lib/frontend/frontend-queries.cpp
    M compiler/next/lib/queries/CMakeLists.txt
    M compiler/next/lib/queries/Context.cpp
    M compiler/next/lib/queries/Makefile
    M compiler/next/lib/queries/Makefile.include
    M compiler/next/lib/queries/UniqueString.cpp
    M compiler/next/lib/uast/Local.cpp
    M compiler/next/lib/uast/Serial.cpp
    M compiler/next/lib/util/CMakeLists.txt
    M compiler/next/lib/util/Makefile
    M compiler/next/lib/util/Makefile.include

    Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/e7de784148de...69d5d1a77ce8