[Chapel Merge] Avoid Passing Array View to C_BLAS

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Author: ShreyasKhandekar
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Merge pull request #18134 from ShreyasKhandekar/linAlgebraMatMultHotfix

Avoid Passing Array View to C_BLAS

We were passing an ArrayView to the C_BLAS function which meant that even though it seemed like we were giving it a column, it was actually still taking the first row of the Array.
This was causing problems with matrix multiplication calculations as reported in #18118

A quick workaround was to make a deep copy of the ArrayView so that the pointer we pass to C has the right elements in the expected order.

Resolves #18118

Signed-off-by: Shreyas Khandekar shreyaskhandekar@email.arizona.edu
[Reviewed by @e-kayrakli]

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M modules/packages/LinearAlgebra.chpl

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