[Chapel Merge] Adjust 2 ugni-specific tests so that they pass for

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Revision: eb63afe
Author: gbtitus
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Merge pull request #19527 from gbtitus/tests-use-bash-modules

Adjust 2 ugni-specific tests so that they pass for non-sh/bash users.

(Reviewed by @jhh67 and @ronawho.)

The hugepage-sanity and overflow-nic-tlb test wrappers are bash
scripts that need to be able to do module commands. They didn't work
for users whose shell isn't sh-derived. Here, make them do so, by
running the appropriate module init script if no parent shell has
already done so.

Modified Files:
A test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/hugepage-sanity.skipif

A test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/overflow-nic-tlb.skipif
M test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/hugepage-sanity.wrap
M test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/overflow-nic-tlb.wrap

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