[Chapel Merge] Added C unions to interoperability docs

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Merge pull request #17310 from souris-dev/cunion-docs

Added C unions to interoperability docs

[contributed by @souris-dev; reviewed by me]

Added examples about C unions in the interoperability docs. Fixes #17294.

[editor's note: This is pretty cool: We've had the ability to interoperate with C unions
for quite some time without necessarily realizing it]

Modified Files:
A test/extern/unions/externUnion.chpl

A test/extern/unions/externUnion.compopts
A test/extern/unions/externUnion.good
A test/extern/unions/externUnionNoTypedef.chpl
A test/extern/unions/externUnionNoTypedef.compopts
A test/extern/unions/externUnionNoTypedef.good
A test/extern/unions/unions.c
A test/extern/unions/unions.h
M doc/rst/language/spec/interoperability.rst

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