[Chapel Merge] Add version 4 of knucleotide to submitted director

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Author: bmcdonald3
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Merge pull request #19053 from bmcdonald3/knuc-4

Add version 4 of knucleotide to submitted directory

[ reviewed by @bradcray ]

This version of knucleotide utilizes overriding the default hash function of map, which allows us to avoid hashing each value twice and results in a significant performance improvement.

CLBG submission issue: Chapel k-nucleotide Ben McDonald (#484) · Issues · The Computer Language Benchmarks Game / benchmarksgame · GitLab

Modified Files:
A test/studies/shootout/submitted/knucleotide4.chpl

A test/studies/shootout/submitted/knucleotide4.execopts
A test/studies/shootout/submitted/knucleotide4.good
A test/studies/shootout/submitted/knucleotide4.perfcompopts
A test/studies/shootout/submitted/knucleotide4.perfexecopts
A test/studies/shootout/submitted/knucleotide4.perfkeys
A test/studies/shootout/submitted/knucleotide4.suppressif

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