[Chapel Merge] Add nightly M1 Mac testing

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Revision: 46b2a8b
Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #19560 from ronawho/add-mac-m1-testing

Add nightly M1 Mac testing

[Reviewed by @daviditen]

Add comm=none release/example M1 testing. We want to increase the amount
of testing we do over time, but to start we just want to get some
testing going. Note that this adds a suppression for a known bug with
the fileIO primer on M1 (#19218)

Part of Cray/chapel-private#2625

Modified Files:
A test/release/examples/primers/fileIO.suppressif

A util/cron/test-darwin-m1.bash

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/4f94f0c4b352...46b2a8b5557c