[Chapel Merge] Add module index to sidebar

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Author: bradcray
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Merge pull request #19584 from bradcray/add-module-index-to-sidebar

Add module index to sidebar

[reviewed by @arezaii, @lydia-duncan, and several module authors/caretakers]

This adds a module index to our sidebar. I'd seen mentions of this
index, but couldn't find it when I was adding other indices last month.
Stumbled across it today, so added it to the sidebar and renamed
things in the sidebar a bit to reflect it as well.

While here, I did a cleanup of the one-line summaries of each of the
module files to make the index cleaner than the (unlinked) file that
had been available through the website. I also added some special-
case code to the compiler to hide internal modules from the index,
which also had the impact of making them not cross-referenceable.
I think this is appropriate, though, since the internal module names
aren't meant to be things that the user knows about or can refer to.
So then I had to update links to internal modules to link to other
things instead (a pre-existing type or section name, on in the case
of bytes and string, a new type annotation).

Modified Files:
M compiler/AST/ModuleSymbol.cpp

M compiler/passes/docs.cpp
M doc/rst/language/spec/classes.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/input-and-output.rst
M doc/rst/meta/templates/layout.html
M doc/rst/technotes/atomics.rst
M doc/rst/users-guide/locality/localeTypeAndVariables.rst
M modules/Makefile
M modules/internal/Bytes.chpl
M modules/internal/String.chpl
M modules/packages/AtomicObjects.chpl
M modules/packages/Channel.chpl
M modules/packages/Collection.chpl
M modules/packages/ConcurrentMap.chpl
M modules/packages/CopyAggregation.chpl
M modules/packages/Crypto.chpl
M modules/packages/Curl.chpl
M modules/packages/DistributedBag.chpl
M modules/packages/DistributedDeque.chpl
M modules/packages/DistributedIters.chpl
M modules/packages/EpochManager.chpl
M modules/packages/FFTW.chpl
M modules/packages/FunctionalOperations.chpl
M modules/packages/Futures.chpl
M modules/packages/HDF5.chpl
M modules/packages/HDFS.chpl
M modules/packages/LinearAlgebra.chpl
M modules/packages/LockFreeQueue.chpl
M modules/packages/LockFreeStack.chpl
M modules/packages/MPI.chpl
M modules/packages/NetCDF.chpl
M modules/packages/PeekPoke.chpl
M modules/packages/RangeChunk.chpl
M modules/packages/RecordParser.chpl
M modules/packages/Search.chpl
M modules/packages/Socket.chpl
M modules/packages/Sort.chpl
M modules/packages/SortedMap.chpl
M modules/packages/SortedSet.chpl
M modules/packages/TOML.chpl
M modules/packages/UnitTest.chpl
M modules/packages/UnorderedAtomics.chpl
M modules/packages/UnorderedCopy.chpl
M modules/packages/UnrolledLinkedList.chpl
M modules/packages/VisualDebug.chpl
M modules/packages/ZMQ.chpl
M modules/standard/Barriers.chpl
M modules/standard/BigInteger.chpl
M modules/standard/CPtr.chpl
M modules/standard/CTypes.chpl
M modules/standard/ChapelEnv.chpl
M modules/standard/ChplConfig.chpl
M modules/standard/CommDiagnostics.chpl
M modules/standard/DateTime.chpl
M modules/standard/DynamicIters.chpl
M modules/standard/Errors.chpl
M modules/standard/FileSystem.chpl
M modules/standard/GMP.chpl
M modules/standard/Heap.chpl
M modules/standard/List.chpl
M modules/standard/Map.chpl
M modules/standard/Memory.chpl
M modules/standard/Memory/Diagnostics.chpl
M modules/standard/Memory/Initialization.chpl
M modules/standard/Path.chpl
M modules/standard/Random.chpl
M modules/standard/Reflection.chpl
M modules/standard/Regex.chpl
M modules/standard/Set.chpl
M modules/standard/Spawn.chpl
M modules/standard/SysBasic.chpl
M modules/standard/SysCTypes.chpl
M modules/standard/Time.chpl
M modules/standard/Version.chpl
M test/release/examples/primers/LinearAlgebralib.chpl

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/a08badc684c2...5b6516bcf791