[Chapel Merge] Add additional multilocale GPU tests

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Merge pull request #19963 from stonea/more_multilocale_gpu_tests

Add additional multilocale GPU tests

Engin created these multilocale\multiGPU tests that perform different sorts of communication. The specific tests are:

promotedOpOnAllGpusAndLocales: Stream like computation occurs on all gpus and locales locally without any remote puts\gets.
copyToLocaleThenToGpu: Copy relevant portions of input data from Locale[0] to Locale[n] and then back
directCopyToGpu: Copy relevant portions of input data from Locale[0] directly to gpu sublocales across all locales.
I want to make sure we get these in our nightly tests.

[Reviewed by @e-kayrakli]

Modified Files:
A test/gpu/native/multiLocale/copyToLocaleThenToGpu.chpl

A test/gpu/native/multiLocale/copyToLocaleThenToGpu.good
A test/gpu/native/multiLocale/directCopyToGpu.chpl
A test/gpu/native/multiLocale/directCopyToGpu.good
A test/gpu/native/multiLocale/promotedOpOnAllGpusAndLocales.chpl
A test/gpu/native/multiLocale/promotedOpOnAllGpusAndLocales.good

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