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Merge pull request #16 from bradcray/commit-subject-chapel-merge

Change subject for merge messages to support filtering

[reviewed by @ronawho and @ben-albrecht]

With the change of commit mails going to Discourse, it was requested
that we use a subject line prefix that’s easy to filter on. This is
the prefix that seemed to represent a consensus-ish on our internal
chat. Other ideas were to have the first word change based on the
repo (e.g., [Mason Merge], etc.) and/or to have the PR number show up
in the subject line (e.g., [Chapel PR #1234]). Those were more than I
have time to take on here and now.

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M emailer.py

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/github-email-notifications/compare/0d9c3bb61a56...1cc2ba4cb8c8