[chapel-lang/chapel] Track the emitted code size in arkouda perf testin

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Merge pull request #16284 from ronawho/arkouda-print-emitted-size

Track the emitted code size in arkouda perf testing

Track how many statements are generated for Arkouda. Most of Arkouda
compilation time is spent in makeBinary, which tends to be correlated
with the amount of generated code. Start tracking how much we’re
generating so that we can the difference across configurations and track
the improvements from some upcoming changes.

The actual implementation is a little ugly since we tee the make
output to a file and then grep it. This would be a lot cleaner if we had
support for a --print-emitted-code-size-file option (like we have for

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M test/studies/arkouda/sub_test

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