[chapel-lang/chapel] Fix some ugni specific tests

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Revision: 724ae03
Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #16241 from ronawho/fix-ugni-testing

Fix some ugni specific tests

[reviewed by @gbtitus]

Our check to make sure we get a warning if hugepages aren’t loaded is
currently failing on systems with Lmod. The problem is that we’re
falling back to Tcl still, but we do that in our bashrc after Lmod is
loaded. When we do a qsub a new Lmod session starts, which ends up
reloading hugepages, so we weren’t getting our warning. This shouldn’t
be a problem once we’re no longer failing back to Tcl, but until then
this should get testing working.

We also had some failures for the SIGBUS tests that I thought had the
same root cause, but it turns out they were just compilation failures
because sys_getenv is used, but the Sys module is no longer used by

Modified Files:
M test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/SIGBUS-array-alloc.chpl
M test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/SIGBUS-array-alloc.good
M test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/SIGBUS-heap-extend.chpl
M test/runtime/configMatters/comm/ugni/hugepage-sanity.wrap_real

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